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(Archive of older tarot submissions)

1.13.13 • +2 Artworks! Queen of Coins! The Fool!

Wooo! Two more as we pass our deadline! I'm kind of hoping the last ones roll in still, but if not, it's time for a mini-round!

1.10.13 • +1 Artwork! 5 of Coins!

Happy New Year! Here's to another year of great comics!

Ohh! Just a few days until the January 12th deadline for the remaining 5 cards! I'm so excited!

12.21.12 • +1 Artwork! Ace of Coins!

Another addition comes just before a major holiday and is posted on a most interesting of days! Happy Solstice! Happy Holidays! I hope you're all enjoying yourselves!

The current deadline is still January 12th! I anticipate a completed deck on that day!

11.3.12 • +1 Artwork! The Magician!

Also, the Four of Cups was updated with new art!

Just one Major Arcana and six other cards left! Still waiting on a few more before the next announcement.

In case you haven't noticed, all the cards that formerly were of their own format have now been fitted to the template! Yay, consistency! In the case of those that were significantly changed from the originals, I've linked to what they used to be in the caption.

11.1.12 • +4 Artworks! The Moon! Ten of Wands! Nine of Cups! Three of Coins!

The deadline has passed with some beautiful pieces in tow! We're still waiting for some in-progress pieces to be wrapped up. Very recent joiners will have a little bit of extra time, as well!

10.30.12 • +2 Artworks! Four of Swords! Seven of Wands!

The Swords are complete!! And now there are only 12 of 72 cards left to be completed! I anticipate seeing a heaping handful more submissions tomorrow -- hooray!

The deadline is tomorrow! If you joined in the last couple of weeks, and if your card is well in progress, don't fret too much! Be cool, my babies!

10.29.12 • +2 Artworks! The High Priestess! The Emperor!

10.24.12 • +1 Artwork! The Empress!

Now just five more Major Arcana remain to be completed!

10.23.12 • +1 Artwork! The Tower!

With the deadline for this round a little more than a week away, I expect an influx next week! Everyone's done fantastically so far -- and please, participants, if you are working on your cards, don't feel any pressure to rush! I enjoy a well-crafted piece!

10.18.12 • +1 Artwork! The Devil!

10.15.12 • +1 Artwork! Three of Wands!

One might keep an eye on the gallery - small tweaks here and there!
The deadline doth approach! I'll be a little more lenient with whoever ends up claiming the two remaining cards, Eight of Wands and Five of Coins!

Also, there are updates to the FAQs -- apologies if things have been confusing recently.

10.2.12 • +1 Artwork! Nine of Wands!

9.29.12 • +1 Artwork! King of Coins!

Two spaces left, and a great deal of completed cards! To whom will the open cards go? I sent an email out to participants earlier this week as well. Things'll be looking even better coming soon!

9.13.12 • +1 Artwork! Ten of Cups!

9.11.12 • +2 Artworks! Queen of Cups! The Wheel of Fortune!

Three cards are still available for claiming as of today! I hope to see them snatched up quickly!

I also updated thumbnails for the minor arcana cards' thumbnails!
On another note, I may be starting an initiative to fit pre-template submissions to the official template! Past submitters, you hopefully wouldn't have to do any more work -- stay tuned for details!

9.3.12 • +1 Artwork! The Star!

I, for one, know that this submission was a long time in coming!
Also, for the record: I strongly encourage use of the Official Templates at this point!

8.30.12 • +1 Artwork! King of Wands!

This slot was just filled today, too! I think this is some kind of record.

8.29.12 • +1 Artwork! Ace of Cups!

Another Ace and the first Cups submission of this round! Yay!

8.23.12 • +1 Artwork! Ace of Swords!

8.22.12 • +1 Artwork! Ten of Swords!

Whoa! The Swords are almost complete!

8.17.12 • +2 Artworks! Three of Swords! Eight of Coins!

For those applicants still waiting on responses, I'll be making some replies this weekend! Thanks for your patience.

8.15.12 • +1 Artwork! King of Swords!

Another powerful card brings us that much closer to completion!

8.13.12 • +2 Artworks! Judgment! « Six of Wands!

Some more incredible artwork from our artists! And look -- the sixes are done now!

8.12.12 • +1 Artwork! The Hermit! «

Things are rolling along just nicely, don't you think?
All of the Major Arcana are claimed now, but the Minor Arcana remain to be filled! Keep sending in your applications! I try to respond to each within 10 days or less.

8.9.12 • +1 Artwork! The Sun!

Crazy Sunshine kicks off this round of card-creation! This signifies an interesting time to come!

8.3.12 • A Caveat!

Attention Potential Participants! Only apply to as many cards as you think you can definitely complete in the next three months. I'm reserving the right to restrict your request to one at a time if it seems appropriate. Thanks!

8.1.12 • Slots Open!

Thirty-two (32!!) slots have been opened, and the rules have changed slightly! If you want in, make sure to give them a glance and make your move!

I hope for some real progress here, but above all, I hope you get to enjoy yourselves -- visitors and contributors alike!

5.22.12 • +1 artwork! The Chariot!

Hey, it's been a while, hasn't it!
Incidentally, I'm sending out an email to everybody soon which affects the immediate future of this project, so keep an eye out. On that note, if you've been sitting on an incomplete card, I'd recommend completing it soon! (That goes for me, too!)
I also updated the template recently, so if you nabbed it just to have before, I'd also recommend downloading it again! It's still basically the same. Just some tweaks.

6.19.11 • +1 artwork! Knight of Coins!

6.4.11 • +1 artwork! Seven of Coins!

I totally meant to add that a few days ago. Well, enjoy it now!

4.20.11 • +1 artwork! Nine of Coins!

3.26.11 • +1 artwork! Justice!

3.11.11 • +1 artwork! Two of Wands!

3.7.11 • +1 artwork! Knight of Wands!

3.1.11 • +2 artworks!
Ten of Coins!
Seven of Cups!

That's eleven new submissions since the revamp. So exciting!

2.28.11 • +1 artwork! The Hanged Man!

Hey! It's a whole completed row!

2.26.11 • +1 artwork! Four of Coins!

Thus is completed 1/2 of The Watcher of Yaathagggu's contributions!

2.20.11 • +1 artwork! Six of Swords!

Swords are well on their way to being completed!

2.20.11 • +2 artworks!
The Devil!
Nine of Swords!

More newly-added comics got their cards in! That's wonderful.
Also, the form is no longer broken, so you can use it again... if you'd like to claim one of those two remaining spots!
EDIT: And just like that, pow! All the slots are filled again. Thank you, everyone! I'm glad that you're interested, and that you're already so diligent in working on your submissions. It's inspiring!

2.19.11 • +4 artworks!
Page of Swords!
Five of Wands!
Six of Cups!

Two of our newly-added comics got theirs in real fast! Woo hoo! A couple "veterans" of the project also got theirs in! I'm so happy! This is like some kind of record!
As of this moment, there are only a few open cards left! Two, to be exact. Get them while the gettin's good!

2.16.11 • Sort of a Reboot!

As a result of the email I sent out to all participants about a month ago, things are rebooting. A lot of previously occupied slots have opened. I took careful consideration of elements concerning webcomic longevity and wanted to be as sure (and fair) as possible about how to manage this project and make sure its comics are/were active! As someone who's been trying to make webcomics since 2003, I know how hard it is to keep with it. It's not as simple as one would think; of hundreds of online comics I've read since 2002, most of them can no longer be found. I don't want people to feel pressure for this project, since it's supposed to be fun for the sake of creating art, but most of these slots had been occupied since 2009, and I'm almost certain they'd have continued being incomplete. I would like this project to be completed this year! I'd like the comic involved to be of an enduring nature. And I think it'd be cool if the participants were as captured by the theme as I am.

Anyhow, here is a list of the slots that had re-opened: The Empress, The Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, The Tower, Judgment, 2 of Wands, 10 of Wands, Knight of Wands, 6 of Cups, 7 of Cups, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, Queen of Cups, King of Cups, Ace of Cups, 4 of Coins, 5 of Coins, 7 of Coins, 8 of Coins, 9 of Coins, 10 of Coins, Queen of Coins, King of Coins, Ace of Coins, 3 of Swords, 6 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Page of Swords, King of Swords, Ace of Swords.

Those who had completed submissions but are no longer officially part of the project have been moved to the Archive, where they, too, shall live in infamy!

I think that I may be more selective this time around. This should not discourage you from applying; after all, all you really have to do is follow the rules and guidelines. It takes a bit to do all this editing, though. I want to see comics that are still updating finish their submissions, too! <3

If you want to talk to me about things, you can email me via the form or IM me. I'll be on AIM most of the day as "senshuunanoda". I thank everyone for being so nice, supportive, and cooperative about this project! It's garnered more attention than I originally imagined. :D

Also, just so you know, this website is now found at!

1.22.11 • +1 artwork! Knight of Cups!

Wahay! It's another submission! I also sent out an email to all participants yesterday evening, so keep a look out and respond if you can. Change is coming! I want this project to be its best, and apologize for weak guidelines in the past.

1.11.11 • +1 artwork! Four of Wands!

Chugging along! I'm still working up a message to everybody.
Also, check out the Comic Creators Alliance fight to end human trafficking, a donation drive and collaborative effort by webcomic authors!

10.14.10 • +1 artwork! Strength!

Finally, a new submission! I could have sworn I updated at least once this year, but I guess not.
You can expect something new from me soon, and perhaps just as soon, an update to all current contributors. Look out -- there may be changes coming up.

6.2.09 • +1 artwork! Five of Coins!

Whoa, it's been a while. We're ever so much closer to halfway finished! I might have to poke people soon. Including myself.

1.3.09 +1 artwork! Queen of Wands!
Happy New Year! Pretty soon it will have been a year since this thing started. Crazy, huh?

12.11.09 +1 artwork! Judgment!

12.06.09 +1 artwork! The Hierophant!
Yes, I'm being less vague about updates now. Also, I'm sending out a little reminder/update email to everyone.

9.14.09 +1 artwork!

9.6.09 Today I switched the stand-in images to the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck because they're nicer. This means that Strength and Justice switched numbers (I didn't even notice that before, but apparently they're somewhat interchangable). Of course, since claims are by card and not numbers, their owners remain the same. Unless I messed something up. Don't think I did, though.

8.18.09 +1 artwork!
That puts us at 30 completed pieces! Woo!

8.7.09 +1 artwork!
And it, as well as the last art submitted, now sport the all-new templated look, customized to each piece's needs. Yay!
I'm about to update the templates a tiny little bit. Stay tuned! --And the templates are updated now! I encourage you to use them, even those of you with completed submissions, even if it may take a bit of image formatting to integrate the design. :D
Also, there is a Stumbleupon button right below the news area/above the art area now. If you like this project, please submit! It helps spread the eye candy.

7.24.09 +2 artworks! +TEMPLATE
That's right, the TEMPLATE is finally here! If you've been waiting for it, you can download it now.

Get the Template!

6.7.09 +1 artwork!
Also, I would say that the templates are 70% finished right now.

5.28.09 +2 webcomics!
So we're filled again!

5.27.09 Two slots opened up again!
So if you want in, now's your chance!

5.21.09 + 1 artwork!
Nearly a third of the way complete! Woo!
Things got busy again, but keep an eye out for further updates.

5.10.09 + 1 artwork!
It has been the busiest week, and now a new one begins with a new addition to the gallery! That always excites me.
Please continue your support!

4.26.09 + 1 artwork!
Ah, for those of you still awaiting the template, I'll definitely be working on it this week. So I swear!

4.15.09 + 1 webcomic!
So, it's filled up again! And thus we await the remaining artwork!

4.10.09 If you tried to email via the form in the last couple of days, it was broken (forces beyond my control). But it's fixed now, so you're free to submit again! Just go for it~!

4.6.09 - 1 webcomic!
Yes, unfortunately, our first withdrawal. But I know there are others who really wanted to join! Jump on it!

3.25.09 + 1 artwork!

3.20.09 + 2 artworks!

3.19.09 + 2 artworks!

3.17.09 + 1 webcomic!
And with that, all the slots are filled! Yay! Thanks for all your participation!
Now we await submissions. Everybody keep checking back for artwork!

3.15.09 + 13 webcomics! + 2 artworks!
I'm pretty sure we just set some sort of record.
Suddenly -- and quickly -- only one slot is left!! Who will claim the final opening?! Ah, my heart...!
Contributors and fans alike, be sure to help by linking to this project!

3.12.09 + 3 webcomics!
Psst! Don't forget to tell everyone about this awesome project. 'Cause it's awesome. 14 wonderful completed pieces so far!

3.11.09 + 3 webcomics! + 1 artwork!

3.10.09 + 2 artworks!

3.9.09 + 1 webcomic!
Just 20 slots left! Whoa!

3.6.09 + 1 webcomic!

3.5.09 + 2 webcomics! + 2 artworks!
Woo! We're over 1/8th of the way to completion!

3.4.09 + 1 artwork!
3.2.09 + 2 webcomics!
2.26.09 + 1 artwork! Eight down, 70 to go!
I'm going to see how much of the template I can get done this weekend. It'll certainly be "different".
For those who've finished: Want to submit some brief author commentary? Email me again!
2.23.09 + 4 webcomics!
An update to Rules and FAQs! An individual can claim cards for up to two of his/her own webcomics. :D
2.21.09 + 4 webcomics!
I updated the FAQs with some stuff. Be sure to keep asking questions!
I'm trying not to confuse~
2.19.09 + 2 webcomics! + 1 artwork!
2.16.09 + 1 artwork! + 1 webcomic!
2.14.09 + 1 artwork!
2.12.09 + 1 webcomic!
2.11.09 + 2 artworks! + 1 webcomic!
On another note, if you emailed me about something and I didn't respond, feel free to send again. I've been getting a lot lately, and I'm larning how to keep up with it, hehe.
2.4.09 + 1 webcomic!
2.3.09 + 3 webcomics!
2.3.09 + 3 webcomics!
1.30.09 + 4 webcomics and 1 claim! This is exciting.
1.29.09 + 1 webcomic! Now all's left are Minor Arcana - and like I said, they're just as cool, so join away, webcomic webcomics - 'cause there are still 51 cards left!
1.28.09 + 1 webcomic!
1.27.09 + 5 webcomics! Wowies! I'm glad for the enthusiasm surrounding this project!
As you can see, there are currently only two Major Arcana left! But don't be discouraged - the Minor Arcana are just as vital to the deck and also as open to creative interpretation! (And they will also have regular thumbnails of your artwork - all the incomplete images and icons here so far are only placeholders.)
I edited a note about the original size of cards in the FAQs! (Basically, cards should have a 2:1 height:width ratio.)
1.26.09 + 1 webcomic!
1.25.09 + 1 webcomic!
1.22.09 + 1 webcomic!
1.21.09 + 1 webcomic!
1.19.09 + 1 webcomic! + 1 artwork!
1.16.09 + 2 webcomics!
1.14.09 An optional template is in the works
for those who would like to use one. Stand by!
+ 2 webcomics! + 1 new artwork (first one YAY)!

~~ * ~~