The deck is complete! Here is a link to the template. Here were the guidelines of the past. You needed to have:

A Dedicated Webcomic

(That means you're actively working on it in some way, even if you aren't updating pages regularly)

Lots and Lots of Drive

(As all projects require)

15+ Pages

(Fifteen pages is a good starting point for the promotion of a webcomic - any sooner and you may be jumping the gun; this includes "old version" pages, though the more current pages, the better the chance)

Other Considerations

Multiple Claims

Trump Cards:

Comics with 50+ pages only and still updating; 1 per webcomic


A single webcomic may claim up to two (in addition to one Trump card, if available)


At least 15/50 pages of your webcomic must be able to be read for free.

Current Deadline:
January 12th, 2013

Cards slots not completed by this date will be opened. A new deadline will be set at that point.

Please briefly explain why you'd like a particular card when you apply!


It would be nice if you linked back to the project or referenced it on social networking sites! It helps promote all the comics in this project, which is the main reason this project was started!

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For further explanation on questions you undoubtedly have, please look over here!

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The Template

Finally available, the template files! Now if you'd like to build upon an existing design, here it is. There's one for each type of card (Major and Minor Arcana).

Webcomics Tarot: Major Arcana Template Webcomics Tarot: Minor Arcana Template

Download Major Arcana Template (4.35 MB)

Download Minor Arcana Template (4 MB)

Included in these templates:

  • Layered PSD files
  • Flat transparent hi-res PNG files
  • Fonts for use on card (see examples above)

Note: PSD (Photoshop) files will open or import into a lot of different image applications, but their text layers may not.
You may edit the templates if you need, so long as you don't (1) change it from being a shade of blue or (2) significantly remove from it. You may change the border's value to suit your piece.

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